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Love/Hate Relationship with Mom

Why is it that we (mostly daughters) have a love/hate relationship with our mothers?

This morning, after dropping my daughter off at school, I told my mother that I may not be taking my daughter to Hershey Park this weekend.  She then gave me a list of other things to do.  Now, these weren’t fun activities necessarily but free and that is my mother’s cup of tea.  Anything that she has a coupon for, a discount on, or is just plain free, she will move heaven and earth to buy or do.  To give you a flavor of what I mean, one of her suggestions was a free child safety session.  Yes.  I know… I know… I know… I should be tripping over myself to learn how to better protect my daughter.  But honestly!  Wouldn’t you rather be doing something fun instead with your child?

Can you tell I’m peeved?  So, why am I upset?

My mother was just trying to be helpful and she does save quite a bit of money with her thrifty ways.  All I could think of, though, was, “Leave me alone!  I’ve got it, Mom!”  Of course, I didn’t say that to her.  Instead, I politely said, “I’ll have to see how things play out.”  As I continued with my day, I started to compile my list of things to do.  As I reviewed my list, a horrible thought struck me.  I’m just like my mother with my list making.  ARGH!

Do we love/hate our mothers because deep down (whether we admit it or not) we are in constant denial of our similarities?

My mother is a bargain hunter and spends her time cutting coupons, driving further distances, and doing some crazy things for the “savings of the day”.  Believe it or not, most of my childhood memories revolve around some deal or another, sitting on the living room floor cutting and sorting coupons, you get the picture.  Since she is so over the top on the spectrum, I went the other direction and value convenience and time over monetary savings.  In other words, I will spend the extra money if it’s more more easy to obtain and I spend my time doing other things than looking for savings.  I’m not making a judgment on either method, but rather analyzing this marked difference between my mother and myself.  However, when you think about it, even though my mother and I are polar opposites, the way I spend my money is a reaction against my mother.

Does this mean that I’m a closet bargain shopper in denial?  *gasp of horror*  If that’s the case, then I really do hate my mother!


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